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A seed is full of potential... let alone, nothing will happen. It needs light, water, nutrients,the right time... and a willing farmer...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cranking Up the Will!

My dearest readers,

Sorry for my loooooong absence... It's been a tiring 3 months for me. I have much to share, but my schedule has been like a relationship of a rusty nut and bolt - Tight!

I notice the hit count is still increasing (but very slowly) despite my loooooong absence. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

I would like to share with all of you some pictures I took during one of my gallivant to KLCC last year...

yes... last year. No pictures this year leh... I'm so looking forward for a vacation... But as for now, I'm busy building my little baby NSA together with a few good men (ladies included).
I really need to unscrew meself.

I didn't have any idea what picture I wanted to take when I was at KLCC. So, I took whatever that caught my attention, such as the wood carving. Kudos to the one who carved this piece of art - a dying breed!

The flaural carvings reminded me of life. However, it was merely a representation of life as wood is devoid of life. Man has always tried to duplicate it but none can match God's creation!
-life in all its glory! (Pictures taken at the KLCC water park)
Being humans, we are often never satisfied with the life that is given to us. We like to complicate matters in which we think will add to our happiness - chasing after the wind.

...But often times, instead of living our lives, we ended up cleaning the mess that we have created.

... Some just couldn't be bothered.

Sometimes, we need to be still and pay attention to God. He will show us a way out. (Pictures taken at the cafe at Kinokuniya).
Hope you have enjoyed my little tour to KLCC park. Will be posting more pictures soon. Catch y'all later!