a little mustard seed

A seed is full of potential... let alone, nothing will happen. It needs light, water, nutrients,the right time... and a willing farmer...

Saturday, November 04, 2006


...Sometimes I wonder... "when will I ever make it?". There were so many others in the queue ahead who were much bigger, and stronger than I. ...when will I ever make it...

As the time went by, the volume of the alike increased. They all come in different shapes and sizes. This really makes me feel nauseatic, not to mention vulnerable... when will I ever make it... I seemed to be pushed further and further behind...

I figure that if I want to make it out there, I will have to fight for it! I will need push my way forth, ahead of the giants! I will need to keep moving, and act accordingly! Sitting there will not justify my success!

Thus, having decided my goals, I orchestrated events to propell myself forward! There were times I get pushed aside, and trampled upon. But life's like that... whatever it was, I was determined to make it out there, SOON!

It's dark in here. It's chaotic! There was no fun being squashed between the rest. As the volume increased, I pushed forth. Finally! I was in line with the leaders! I could see the gate... Oh, when will it open?

During my wait, the wall began to cave in, compressing all of us. I wasn't sure of what was happening. But I have heard the elders mentioned of such events... whatever it was, it was terrifying! I found myself being pressed against the rest of the leaders, being pushed ahead in a one-way-ticket motion... I began to oriented myself to check if I was getting closer or away from the gate... I was overjoyed! I was the first to arrive at the gate! I was so exited I kept knocking at the gate hoping for someone to quickly open!

In a nick of a moment, I saw light! Bright lights! The compression continued, pushing all of us into the gate! Colour didn't make sense then. But now, it gave a whole new meaning! I could see shades of pink, baige, and strands of black!

Later, I found myself suspended in mid air! I never felt better! I looked back at the gate, I could see a few of my comrads behind me! They were overjoyed too! All around me was shiny white walls! Beneath me was a reflective, but wobbling surface. Whatever it was, It sure looked better than where I came from - total darkness, crowded, and humid...

"SPLASH!"... After that short lived moment, I found myself in a rather familiar environment... beneath me was again, dark, though much more spacious... This time, it was not humid, but totally wet! I landed into a water world... I was floating around, could move up or down... I felt paralised! Oh, what have I done! I could see my comrads around me... some of them submerged immediately... some didn't make it in one piece as they were smashed when they crashed into the white walls...

Moments later... we were still floating around... we couldn't move... some progressed well into the dark. I looked up and saw that the gate rose further and further and then, we were left all alone...

Suddenly, cascades of water came gushing down from the sides of the wall! The situation became very chaotic! The force of the water caused a whirl pool, and it sent us tumbling into total darkness!

Here we were again... stuck in the dark... Crap!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A little trip up Fraser’s Hill (Final Episode)

A vacation log, dedicated to all who went for the trip

Time: about 6.30 am onwards.
Date: Still 3rd September 06

“Arise! It is first light! We have much to do!”. “Can we just stay here? Besides, it is very cozy where we are…”. “Time to leave your comfort zones! Do you want to eat or not!?”

I could smell the morning dew even from my room. The temptation was too great! I had to get out of bed to enjoy the fresh morning air! When I got out of the room, it was already bright. Nevertheless, the hill tops were still covered with mist, and the early sun, still casting a golden glow at the crowns of the Dipterocarps. It was a pity I did not take a picture of this morning scene, but this was truly a sight for sore eyes. It would be very sad to see all these be replaced by highways… Aren’t we already consuming more than we need?

Anyways… Talk about consumption… there we were again… eating…

Why do we have to do this every morning?”. “If you want the best, you have got to work for it!”. “Can’t we just stay there so that we don’t have to travel so far the next time?”.

The breakfast was lovely. The morning walk was even better! The sky was still very blue then (the pre haze days)

Along the way, I noticed there were faeces on the side of the road. They looked like human waste. Who would be so dumb to do it by the road side when there are toilets in the house? They were all along the road. It made me wonder what sort of animal would produce such familiar by product!

It’s them again! Better stay high and quite! Shhhh….. “.

“Look! Over there! It’s them again!”(can’t remember who said that). It was the family of gibbons we saw yesterday! They were right above us, literally hanging out on the branches!

“I think they are harmless. Besides, that black thing the creature is holding doesn’t look like one of those that took down Gibby. I think it’s safe. Come with me!”

No! it’s too dangerous!”

It was a magnificent sight! I have heard of them in the wild, but this was the first time I have ever came so close to them, or rather, they came so close to me!

We stood there and stared at them with a sense of awe and wonder. Such magnificent creatures!
“Don’t worry. These bozos really are harmless! That black thing the creature is holding is harmless as well. If I'm not mistaken, I think it is a D70s Digital SLR Camera. I think it is just a devise that captures light and stores it into fragments of electrical charges, which later can be decoded into some other form of information. If they were harmful, they would’ve attack us already! Come on!”. “Well alright… we are coming…”

The big one took the lead in getting across the road via the power cables, much like a high wire traverse artist. The rest, after much hesitation, followed him. They quickly disappeared into the forest, which I think were fruit trees planted by the owner of the bungalows. Nice!

After I took a few snap shots of the gibbons, it was time for us to go.

… We felt a little reluctant to leave… Fraser’s Hill has provided us a wonderful refuge for the last two days from the crazy life in the city. The weather at Fraser’s Hill has been fresh and cooling. Its greenery stretched as far as the eyes can see. However, patches of bald spots have slowly emerged at some parts of the forest. Certain areas of the hill have also been converted into a dump site. Just how much more damage do we need to make before we realise we are destroying our heritage? Or should I say, no one really gives a damn about the future...